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Friday، 21 January 2022
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Natural Ventilation as a Solution towards Sustainability in Architecture

Mahnaz MahmoodiNatural ventilation in ancient building proposes and introduces some strategies for the modern architecture while representing the natural ventilation as a sustainable cooling system in traditional Iranian architecture.
A sustainable development which widely discussed in scientific communities introduces environmental sustainability as one of its aims and environmental sustainability focuses on the use of clean recycling or renewable energy.

Wind Tower (B'adgir)-Yazd,Iran

The sustainable architecture that advances to a point in order to be allowed to reach its aims and goals deems necessary the design off any building with the least adverse effect on environment as well as design consistent with nature. Thus by considering the traditional Iranian architecture, it is observed that Iranian architectural characteristics conform to the rules of sustainable architecture; and can obtain sustainability in modern architecture by being reveled by certain features of traditional Iranian one.
Natural ventilation, as used a natural energy such as wind and avoided using costly polluting energies, has mixed the framework and form of architecture with nature. In this context, the operation of a wind tower as one element of traditional Iranian architecture to being about cooling is defined. Then, the paper present some approaches to the use of natural ventilation in a building by taking models of its general concept. This model can be used in areas with hot- humid, hot- dry and even mild-humid climates.

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