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Friday، 21 January 2022
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Dadaism or Dada was a protest movement from artist, musician, writers and dancers. They created a anti-art movement that provoked the public by creating pieces that would question their values of the social, political and cultural values of the time.

They were outraged with the world war and all the life’s that has been taken. Dadaism was a way of capturing emotions and thoughts, in a piece that would make the viewers feel uncomfortable, exposing feelings towards something that they were out of the ordinary.
Dada is a very dark movement but yet very sarcastic with their anti-art work.

For example Marcel Duchamp ‘ Bicycle Wheel’ portrays something that once has a use, but now it is unusable and no longer have a purpose portraying what soldiers must feel like after returning from the war with missing limbs and there outlook on the future tarnished.
Whereas the Mona Lisa painting had a scribbled on moustache and writing at the bottom translating ‘she has a hot ass’. Taking a painting that had meaning and degrading it with humour. Portraying how the world has mocked them selves

Dadaism settle got their point across through art and not using violence.
The same way that the Dadaist use art to get people thinking questioning art, this approach can be used in architecture.

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