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Friday، 20 April 2018
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Environmental Training for 18,000 Teachers in Tehran
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Iran ranked sixth in environmental performance in the Middle East and North Africa. To improve this, Tehran Municipality has embarked on training Tehran teachers with the help of Tehran Education Department. In the third phase of this training UNICEF representatives will supervise over the course.
According to dispatches, advisor to Tehran mayor in environmental affairs, Engineer Heidarzadeh, said that 18,000 teachers will undergo environmental training during the current Iranian year (started March 20). The training will continue during the year successively.

The Environment and Sustainable Development Headquarters of the Tehran Municipality carried out extensive measures last year within the framework of the urban environmental project - which was special for children and young adults - with 5,000 student members at school level from various districts who were organized in four units of clean air, energy, recycling and green space.
Within the Green Teacher project which was carried out with the assistance of the Education Department last year, 2,000 teachers passed environmental training and 18,000 others will pass the courses this year. The training will continue during the year successively, he said.
Heidarzadeh said the Green Teacher internet site has been launched at www.greenteacher.ir to provide environmental training.
He said publication of a special edition of Peik Sabz periodical, holding festivals and various seminars in the field of environment and launching field visits were among measures taken by the headquarters in the past Iranian year (ended March 19).
He reminded that the Green School project - enjoying environmental standards- will be experimentally conducted at one of the schools by Tehran Municipality.
Meanwhile, the Tehran Education Department in a correspondence praised the environmental training activities of the Environment and Sustainable Development Headquarters of the Tehran Municipality in the year 1386 (2007-8) and while introducing the top colleagues at the Education Department last year, called for continuation of cooperation in the field of environmental training in the current year.
This is while the fourth Green Teacher gathering was held in Tehran in March attended by instructors and directors of Tehran Municipality and Education Department. More than 300 teachers from Districts 17, 11, 18 and 19 were present at the gathering.
Meanwhile in February 2008, the third stage of environmental training of health instructors of Tehran schools dubbed “Training Green Teacher” was carried out in the presence of representatives of the UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF).

Iran Ranks 6th in Environmental Performance in ME, North Africa
This is while according to the Environmental Performance Index (EPI) 2008, Iran ranked 67th in the world from among 149 world countries with a score of 76.9.
EPI lays emphasis on two main objectives of protection of environment including reducing environmental pressures on human health and improvement of the situation of habitats and proper management of natural resources. These two components are measured by 25 indices in six fields of environment health, air pollution, quality of water resources, variety of habitats, quality of productive natural resources, and climatic changes.
EPI shows the broad accessible objectives for environmental performance and evaluates to what extent each world country has approached these objectives.
This index – as a quantitative factor in controlling pollution and impacts of natural resources management - provides powerful instrument for improvement of policy-making management and transfer of environmental decision-makings to more analytical institutions.
In the year 2008, Iran ranked 67th in the world from among 149 world countries with a score of 76.9. Switzerland with a score of 95.5 was placed first followed by Sweden and Norway with 93.1.
The lowest score belonged to Nigeria with 39.1, Angola 39.5 and Sierra Leone 40.
According to the index, Iran ranked sixth in the Middle East and North Africa standing after Cyprus, Armenia, and Tunisia. Jordan, Egypt and Turkey follow Iran.

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