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Friday، 20 April 2018
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Tehran International Communications Center Project

After studies on 17 proposed sites, an area on the northern tip of Kouye Nasr District, overlooking a series of highways in northwest Tehran was chosen as the site of the project. The high elevation of the site and easy access to various districts are among pluses of the location. It overlooks four major highways of the capital, namely Resalat, Sheikh Fazlollah Nouri, Hemmat and Chamran.

Major Project Objectives :
Over 70 percent of the country's trade and economic activities is concentrated in Tehran making the capital the trade hub of the nation. At present, Tehran is grappling with enormous problems, mostly arising from its speedy and disproportionate growth both in area and population.
Measures to render speedier services and develop suitable communications infrastructure do not meet the growing demand for such services.
Besides, the fact that information centers are expanding around the world, in the Middle East in particular, renders efforts to meet this ever-increasing demand, as urgent as possible.
The complex housing the Tehran International Communications Center, which is being built on an expense of land some 14 hectares in area, is designed to maintain and develop this advantage and establish modern facilities with state-of-the-art technology.

The complex builds on of modern communications technology to advance the commercial, economic and cultural cause of the nation. Besides, it is designed in a way that each section, although independent and specialized in nature, complements others and makes use of their facilities.
The project meant to be a "practical facility" and an "active urban center" will play an important role at urban, Tran urban, national and regional levels. The project follows the following objectives.

Housing the country's tallest building as a national landmark and proving Iran's technical and engineering capabilities

Paving the way for the emergence of local talents

Setting the stage for better coverage of telecommunications, TV and meteorological signals

Creating administrative and trade centers to facilitate capital inflow and making optimal use of recreational facilities to bolster tourism

Building museums to display the valuable legacy of the Islamic Revolution, the Sacred Defense, and the architect of the Islamic Republic

Preparing the groundwork for expansion of international trade, E-trade in particular

Establishing convention centers to host national and international gatherings

Promoting the hospitality industry by building a 5-star hotel

And, building trade centers at the foot of the tower and a hotel to facilitate capital inflow

Location Studies :
To conduct studies on the site of the project, a team was formed bringing together experts in a wide array of fields including urban development, civil engineering, TV, telecommunications, meteorology, architecture, economy, traffic, and geo-technique.
In addition to conducting studies in various fields, the team drew up a plan on major features of the project and their practical applications. The key parameters taken into account at this stage were :

Proximity to a major urban nucleus

Easy access with decent services

Location on one of the most-elevated spots of the city

Overlooking beautiful spots of the city

Leaving room for future development projects

Having strong infrastructure

Being at a fairly short distance from major ports of entry and exit such as the airport and train station

Offering TV coverage

Easy and direct contact with telecommunications stations

Coordinated application which does not interfere with the workings of other centers

Being along the major roads of the city

Having the potential for visual contact with other urban sites

And, having green area and other elements of environmental design

Introduction of the Complex :

Milad Tower The Center for International Conventions and Festivals

Yadman Trade and Recreational Center Yadman Hotel

International Trade Center and IT Park Fitness Club (Fountain)

Central Parking Lot Infrastructure Facilities Project

Access Routes Project Park and Turf Project

Yadman Complex Mega-project :
The Tehran International Communications Center includes ten different projects, each of which is for a special purpose and at the same time in close link with others. So there should be close coordination among these projects.
The impact of these contacts and coordination particularly as far as infrastructure, turf-building and access routes are concerned, is quite visible. The company has chosen the RahShahr Engineering Consultancy to thoroughly review the project and establish the sophisticated coordination it needs.


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